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Toko × Organic × San Francisco Life #1

Urban-life influenced by the tech industry and hippie culture.



  • Dec.2.2015
  • Category: JOURNAL

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Hi Everyone! I am Toko, a fine jewelry designer living in San Francisco. I focus on the healthy and adventurous San Francisco lifestyle for 530PARK.

Summer time and Thanksgiving day are gone and now and it feels like “Autumn” here. Fortunately, I have wonderful friends who have an organic garden. They gave me amazingly fresh delicious fruits, persimmons and pineapple guavas. What do you have for breakfast?
Mine is very simple and the same everyday. It is great to eat the same healthy breakfast every morning. I have two kinds of organic granola plus seasonal fruits, nuts, dates and a little bit of flaxseed.

皆さん、こんにちは。サンフランシスコ在住のFine Jewelry Designer、Tokoと申します。ファッションはニューヨークから、530PARKのコンセプトの一つであるライフスタイルはこちらサンフランシスコからお届けいたします。


I recently discovered a delicious fruit called “pineapple guava”. Have you heard of it before? My friend, who has a wonderful organic garden, gave them to me. Oh, and also, this rosemary is from my friend’s same organic garden. I used it in a chicken recipe.


San Francisco has urban-life, influenced by the tech industry and hippie culture. It's a great mixed culture and creates a cozy life. I realized that most of my friends in tech are vegan or vegetarian, and they like to have organic foods. That makes sense because your brain becomes clear after eating organic foods!


About Toko

Toko is a fine jewelry designer based in San Francisco. She was born and raised in Fukui prefecture, and she has also lived and worked in Tokyo for over ten years. She likes both urban life and rural life. She enjoys and improves her five senses in beautiful California, and finds many inspirations for her jewelry designs as well.

サンフランシスコ在住のFine jewelry designer。福井で生まれ育つ。東京で就職し10年以上生活。田舎と都会の両方が好きで五感をカリフォルニアで磨きながらジュエリーデザインの刺激を常に探している。