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Toko × Organic × San Francisco Life #5

Jennifer’s breakfast recipe



  • May.27.2016
  • Category: JOURNAL

Writer: Toko

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Let’s check in with Jennifer again, guys! Like I said in my previous post, Jennifer is a great person to hangout with. She cooked a delicious Acai bowl for breakfast. She’s been using organic ingredients in her life and shared with me how to use them. Other than Yoga, how dose Jennifer stay beautiful and healthy? I think it’s very simple, she eats really well.


Here are the ingredients for Jennifer’s breakfast, an Acai bowl:

Acai Berry paste
Chia Seeds
Coconut Almond Milk

This is definitely a super food, and it was so delicious!!! Thanks Jennifer!!!


Cielo came to say hi wearing her bear suit .


Convenient stores that are open 24 hours a day makes life in Japan easy. But it’s hard to stay healthy eating that junk. When I lived in Tokyo, it was almost impossible to break the cycle of being busy and wondering into the nearest Seven Eleven. Convenient store executives research and work with food scientists to create meals that taste good. And, like many processed foods meant to last a long time on the store shelf, they sometimes do taste good. But… they are often not what your body needs. Life is short, but as you can see from Jennifer eating healthy leads to a happier life. I challenge of all you to make a healthy breakfast every morning for a whole month. Email me at toko@tokojewelry.com to tell me how it goes – I’ll share some of your comments in an upcoming post.

もはや欠かすことのできないコンビニエンスストアは24時間空いおり、日本の生活を便利にしています。しかし、便利すぎて添加物たっぷりの生活から脱出することは難しいのが現状です。私が東京に住んでいた時も忙しい時にこそコンビニを避けることは困難でした。彼らは味の追求を徹底的に研究していて美味しく仕上げているので添加物がたっぷりで体に悪いことが分かっていても忙しいとついふらっと寄ってしまう。でも食べた後もなぜか心は全く満たされない。ジェニファーのように一見ストイックに見えるかもしれない食生活が彼女の美しさと健康を内からも外からも作っています。そこでこのジャーナルを読んでくださっている皆さんにご提案です。1ヶ月間、健康な朝食を作り試してみてください。そしてその結果がどうだったのかを私宛にメールをください。その結果をこの場で皆さんにシェアさせて頂ければと思います。メールはこちらまで。お待ちしています☺ toko@tokojewelry.com 

About Toko

Toko is a fine jewelry designer based in San Francisco. She was born and raised in Fukui prefecture, and she has also lived and worked in Tokyo for over ten years. She likes both urban life and rural life. She enjoys and improves her five senses in beautiful California, and finds many inspirations for her jewelry designs as well.

サンフランシスコ在住のFine jewelry designer。福井で生まれ育つ。東京で就職し10年以上生活。田舎と都会の両方が好きで五感をカリフォルニアで磨きながらジュエリーデザインの刺激を常に探している。