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Toko × Organic × San Francisco Life #3

San Francisco is setting new trends in coffee.



  • Feb.20.2016
  • Category: JOURNAL

Writer: Toko

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I love cafés even though I don’t drink coffee. I like the roasting smell. I remember that my parents love to have good coffee in the morning since when I was a kid. And also, you may know San Francisco is setting new trends in coffee. Indeed, many trends in coffee are coming out of San Francisco. If you have chance to come to here, I recommend visiting Saint Frank Coffee, The Mill, Four Barrel Coffee, Ritual Coffee Roasters, Sight Glass, Blue Bottle Coffee (recently opened in Tokyo by Seiji Horibuchi) and Philz Coffee.

毎朝、両親が挽くコーヒー豆の音と香りは今も鮮明に覚えています。サンフランシスコ拠点のNew People, Inc.代表 堀淵氏によってBlue Bottle Coffeeが東京にオープンさせ、まだまだサンフランシスコは世界のコーヒーのトレンドを牽引しています。もしサンフランシスコへ来る機会があれば、これらのカフェに行ってみてください。コーヒー好きには良いツアーになると思います。
(Saint Frank coffee, The Mill, Four Barrel Coffee, Ritual Coffee Roasters, Sight Glass, Blue Bottle Coffee, Philz Coffee)

Sometimes I meet up at The Mill with my friends. They have Four Barrel Coffee (The Mill is the sister shop to for Four Barrel Coffee) and Josey Baker Bread.

私はよくお友達とThe Millで待ち合わせをします。このカフェはFour Barrel Coffeeと同系列なのでコーヒーはもちろん、Josey Baker Breadのとても美味しいパンも扱っています。

It sells well every time.


Four Barrel Coffee


The Mill is in an airy, high-ceilinged (love it) and stylish space. Also like Four Barrel, there are no computer plugs or WiFi, so you are encouraged to interact with the world while you are there. This is a good idea because people in San Francisco are always using a computer to work from wherever they can. It’s interesting how cafés have become workspaces instead of places to talk with friends and enjoy coffee. I think cafes like Four Barrel are on to something important.


About Toko

Toko is a fine jewelry designer based in San Francisco. She was born and raised in Fukui prefecture, and she has also lived and worked in Tokyo for over ten years. She likes both urban life and rural life. She enjoys and improves her five senses in beautiful California, and finds many inspirations for her jewelry designs as well.

サンフランシスコ在住のFine jewelry designer。福井で生まれ育つ。東京で就職し10年以上生活。田舎と都会の両方が好きで五感をカリフォルニアで磨きながらジュエリーデザインの刺激を常に探している。