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Toko × Organic × San Francisco Life #2

To be a part of the local community.



  • Jan.9.2016
  • Category: JOURNAL

Writer: Toko

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The farmers market. I know why everybody loves this place. You can get fresh foods and positive energy for sure. Farmers markets are everywhere. San Francisco alone has over 15 according to yelp. As you all know, San Francisco is not a small town, but so many farmer’s markets are going on. People here need and like fresh and local foods.
Here are the pictures when I went to farmer’s market in The Ferry building. It’s the biggest and the most famous one in San Francisco.


A beautiful woman in the farmer’s market with a cute red hat and lips!


Fresh lavender is a nice treat in your home and also for sale at the San Francisco farmer’s market.


True to San Francisco, a cute family with a cute car. The kids surely like coming to farmer’s market with their parents to get great ingredients, a fun atmosphere and to be a part of the local community. I’m sure they learn to appreciate where the food comes from.

なんとも可愛い車と家族。こういう古い型の車をあえて好んで乗っている人は多い気がします(ヒッピーの影響?)。 小さい頃から両親にファーマーズマーケットへ連れて来てもらい、良い材料、地元の空気感に触れ、また普段、自分が口にするものがどこから来ているのかをローカルのコミュニティに属することによって学ぶことは、吸収の早い幼少期だからこそとても大切な事だと思います。この家族を見ていろいろ考えさせられたファーマーズマーケットでした。

About Toko

Toko is a fine jewelry designer based in San Francisco. She was born and raised in Fukui prefecture, and she has also lived and worked in Tokyo for over ten years. She likes both urban life and rural life. She enjoys and improves her five senses in beautiful California, and finds many inspirations for her jewelry designs as well.

サンフランシスコ在住のFine jewelry designer。福井で生まれ育つ。東京で就職し10年以上生活。田舎と都会の両方が好きで五感をカリフォルニアで磨きながらジュエリーデザインの刺激を常に探している。