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Sharing Yoga,sharing Life, Sharing Love. #4

SHIHOKO’s Healthy Yogic lifestyle

  • Oct.14.2016
  • Category: JOURNAL


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Finally we finished our 200hrs Yoga Teachers Training in Italy, we got a mini vacation in the beautiful city of Amsterdam!


Since we start teaching in Europe, we vist this country almost every year, but one thing we haven't done yet is to stay on a boat house in one of the picturesque canals. Fortunately we found a neat house just perfect for our needs. Every morning we enjoyed watching the duck families doing their morning swim, children in tow right outside our window! Padma loved to say "Hello!" to her new friends!


Whenever I talk about Amsterdam without question I have to tell about one of our favourite Vegan restaurants: Terrazen
Run by a really cool Couple they combine ther two soul foods: Japanese and Caribbean totally unique and funky concept.
In Italy we eat too much bread and pasta, but here they serve very healthy brown rice and miso soup which greatly helps my tired stomach get well.

アムステルダムの食事といえば、ここ「Terrazen」。Japanese×Caribbean mixのユニークでファンキーなVeganレストランです。ヨーロッパで小麦中心だった私の胃袋にとって、とっても優しい玄米やお味噌白が頂ける、いわばヨーロッパの駆け込み寺的存在な場所です。

Pictured is Natto and Avocado Don a favourite of our assistant and babysitter of Padma's Yuuka. The owner of the restaurant is a super cool Rastaman, when he make this Japanese food, he makes with a Jamaican spicy touch! It is delicious.



There is one more our favorite vegan place called "Vegabond" is a mini super market and small cafe.



They sell tiny cute vegan cupcake and tasty doughnuts!

ここのカップケーキが可愛くて美味しいです。その他VeaganのドーナッツやRaw Sweetsも売っています。

We enjoyed staying here again! Hope to visit again next year!


After the vacation, we arrive in Paris for more workshops!


Our friend and Parisen Organizers the beautiful David and Alexsandra.

パリの美しい人々、オーガナイザーの David & Alexsandra。

We are always excited to visit vegan restaurants after a strong practice!
Even Though France is not known for their vegetarian options we are able to find amazing vegan foods in this city!
"42 Degrees" is a beautiful fine dining raw vegan restaurant.


4kinds of raw vegan cheese plate!
Made by few kinds of nuts but actually better than real cheese!



Our favourite restaurant in Paris is called "Le Potager du Marais" they have been open over 10years, always their is a long queue of people waiting before opening. It really impresses me that they never use butter or cheese and are able to make amazing traditional french food! For sure even if you are not vegetarian, you will enjoy this place! it really close to Le center Ponpidou.

毎年私達が必ず行くお店TOPリスト「Le Potager du Marais」。数十年の歴史のある有名なお店で、とっても人気なので開店前から人が並んでいます。伝統的なフランス料理をまさか、動物性一切なしで調理。ヴェジタリアン の人じゃなくても必ず満足するお店です。旅行中胃が疲れてきたら是非ここへ。ポンピデューのすぐ近くです。


The last place I recommend is Waylon and Padma's favorite place "Hank Vegan Burger" I know this is the Junk food but French people always make it great! The french fries and cookies are also very tasty.

最後はウェイロンとパドマが大好きなお店。ヴィーガングルメバーガーの「HANK Vegan Burger」


Next Issue... I would like to write about the sweet summer story in vancouver.



【SHIHOKO】 Shihoko Otsubo
( Zuddha Lotus School organizer )

Born in the small town of Omuta Japan, She began her childhood dedicated to Kami-sama through care and cleaning of her altar. She soon became enthralled with the graceful world of Ballet and Dance. Once she met Yoga her life was transformed into her true path as a healer. Since then she has taravelled the world studying with many teachers in many healing modalities and dedicating herself to purification through a Yogic lifestyle.
Currently with her husband and new daughter she travels the word sharing the pathoif yoga through, practice, fine vegan food and dedicated service.

【SHIHOKO】 おおつぼ しほこ
(ZuddhaLotus school オーガナイザー)

福岡県出身。 幼児期より身体の表現の世界に魅せられバレエの道へと進む。 後ホスピタリティービジネスと出会い、人との繋がりを意識する傍ら、心と体のバランスを整えるホリスティックな生き方を教えるヨガの世界に魅了され、インストラクターの道に進む。今までの人生のプロセスでは感じられなかった自分自信との繋がりを強く感じたことがきっかけで、ヨガという生き方をライフスタイルにも積極的に取り入れ、食事法、瞑想などあらゆる種類の「浄化」作業の改善を始める。 2000年より上海へ移住、スタジオロータスshanghaiを主宰し、日本、アジア、インド、北米、オーストラリア、ヨーロッパなど、ヨギーであるライフパートナー、ウェイロン・ベルディングと共に、世界中を旅しヨガや瞑想を教え、学びを続けている。
現在は一児の母。ヨガファミリーとして旅をしながら、ウェイロンが自らが開発した、個性溢れる「Zuddha Yoga」を共に教え、オーガナイザーとして世界中でワークショップを展開し、地球と人類への手助けを、ヨガと音楽と通じて社会貢献し、ヨガの信念に基づいたシンプルでアヒムサ(非暴力)な生活と活動を続けている。