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Sharing Yoga,sharing Life, Sharing Love. #1

SHIHOKO’s Healthy Yogic lifestyle

  • Jul.8.2016
  • Category: JOURNAL


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Thank you, Mr.Aoyagi, to give me a chance to write about our life, travel, family and yoga!
I would like to share some simple parts of our life style, experiences and our constant world travels.
My name is Shihoko, my partner and Sensei is Waylon. Together with our little daughter Padma we are organizing the international "Zuddha Lotus Yoga school" We have kept a busy touring schedule for the last 3years constantly teaching and sharing our Yogic lifestyle.

この度、私の人生の恩人でメンターでもある 530PARK ディレクター青柳龍之亮さんにバトンを頂き、私の旅・生活・家族・ヨガ、そしてその土地で感じたことなどを、綴らせて頂くことになりました。
私、大坪志保子とパートナーのウェイロン、そして娘のパドマは、移動式のヨガスクール「Zuddha Lotus Yoga School」を主宰し、家を持たぬまま、ここ3年近く、世界中を旅し、ヨガを教え生活を続けています。

Both Waylon and I used to live in shanghai off and on for many years. I had a small yoga studio for 8years in the French Concession the most beautiful area in Shanghai. I enjoyed success in teaching, helping alot of students and making new friends. At same time my personal practice and realization for my life in the context of Yoga was getting deeper. One day i heard some strange message from somewhere, telling me to "surrender your attachments and realize your freedom". After that i met Waylon who is a yogi and a musician and i let go of everything that i created in Shanghai, and took a pilgrimage to the Himalaya. This is the beginning Zuddha family story.


Fast forward to present:
We just finished our Spring Europian Tour, having just arrived in Vancouver: Waylon's home town.
Normally we are spending for 3 months during summer here. We enjoy Vegan food, go blue berry picking, going to the beach, camping and connecting with friends and family. We really have a great time enjoying the beautiful nature Canada has to offer.
Padma looks so happy everyday!


Weekend is family time! Waylon's mother is a hippie generation Critical Care Nurse who loves practicing guitar and has a great sense of humour. This afternoon she prepares wonderful fresh organic veggies and fruits from the farmer's market, Papa makes amazing vegan pancakes! After a wonderful meal, we share family music time and watch Game of Thrones finale together!


Time passes so quick on the weekend of vancouver.
We usually travel crazy! But during our stay in Canada, we try not to move anywhere rather we enjoy spending a lot of time with family, focus deeply on our yoga self practice and keep healthy life style.


Padma is 2 years old, but she already has visited more than 19 countries, experienced different cultures, languages and people. For sure she is having a special experience in this life, but slowly she needs a rhythm or routine in her life style and so we need a stable place, for a home, a school for our Yoga and garden to gore our food. Slowly we are making this dream a reality but for now we are busy spreading the seeds of Yogic teachings and healthy sustainable living

Next episode : Life in Yoga while inhabiting Italy.




【SHIHOKO】 Shihoko Otsubo
( Zuddha Lotus School organizer )

Born in the small town of Omuta Japan, She began her childhood dedicated to Kami-sama through care and cleaning of her altar. She soon became enthralled with the graceful world of Ballet and Dance. Once she met Yoga her life was transformed into her true path as a healer. Since then she has taravelled the world studying with many teachers in many healing modalities and dedicating herself to purification through a Yogic lifestyle.
Currently with her husband and new daughter she travels the word sharing the pathoif yoga through, practice, fine vegan food and dedicated service.

【SHIHOKO】 おおつぼ しほこ
(ZuddhaLotus school オーガナイザー)

福岡県出身。 幼児期より身体の表現の世界に魅せられバレエの道へと進む。 後ホスピタリティービジネスと出会い、人との繋がりを意識する傍ら、心と体のバランスを整えるホリスティックな生き方を教えるヨガの世界に魅了され、インストラクターの道に進む。今までの人生のプロセスでは感じられなかった自分自信との繋がりを強く感じたことがきっかけで、ヨガという生き方をライフスタイルにも積極的に取り入れ、食事法、瞑想などあらゆる種類の「浄化」作業の改善を始める。 2000年より上海へ移住、スタジオロータスshanghaiを主宰し、日本、アジア、インド、北米、オーストラリア、ヨーロッパなど、ヨギーであるライフパートナー、ウェイロン・ベルディングと共に、世界中を旅しヨガや瞑想を教え、学びを続けている。
現在は一児の母。ヨガファミリーとして旅をしながら、ウェイロンが自らが開発した、個性溢れる「Zuddha Yoga」を共に教え、オーガナイザーとして世界中でワークショップを展開し、地球と人類への手助けを、ヨガと音楽と通じて社会貢献し、ヨガの信念に基づいたシンプルでアヒムサ(非暴力)な生活と活動を続けている。