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Jewelry style shop
for modern gentlemen.



One of the finest shirtmakers in the world.



  • Sep.18.2015
  • Category: JOURNAL

Writer: Team 530PARK

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In the kingdom of Sweden, one of the finest shirtmakers in the world named “Schnayderman's” was founded in 2012.


Needless to say that Schnayderman’s uses good materials and fabrics in classic colors, the most important core for them is a sizing generated by their hundreds of trial and error.
As the start of Schnayderman’s, Co-founder Joel Urwitz says “The classic shirts are always wide and long, and I had a difficult time finding a shirt I liked.” That is reason why Schanayderman’s decided to prepare their product with fixed sizes even though they launch new collection with different materials in each seasons so that a customer doesn’t need to worry about own size.

創業者の一人であるJoel Urwitzがブランドを立ち上げるきっかけとして「どのシャツも長く大きく、いつも自分が欲しいと思うシャツには出会えなかったから。」と語るように、シュナイダーマンではシーズン毎にカラーや素材が変わったとしても、決まったサイズ展開で発表し続けているので、いつも自分に合うシャツを見つける事が出来ます。

Quality shirt that fits you well is one of essential items for a modern gentleman. 530PARK carries Schnayderman's shirts from casual to formal, so please take a look in store.