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for modern gentlemen.



Unique sandals from the small island called Menorca in Spain.



  • Jul.10.2015
  • Category: JOURNAL

Writer: Team 530PARK

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Riudavets sandals are all handmade in the small island, Menorca in Spain. Originally, they were made for local people who needed simple, strong and flexible shoes, but travellers and the royal family of Spain wear these days. And now, Riudavets is one of summer fashion items in the world.

As the materials, high-quality leather for uppers and suede for insole to provide comfort. And recycle tire is used for soles and it proves its good durability.
Riudavets is never affected by trends and good to create a casual and relax atmosphere.

This summer, we recommend you to coordinate a playful cord anklet with Riudavets sandals.