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Jewelry style shop
for modern gentlemen.


NYC-based Japanese Contemporary Artist.

Meguru Yamaguchi creating an unique art piece.



  • Feb.26.2016
  • Category: JOURNAL

Writer: Team 530PARK

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 A Japanese artist based in NYC, Meguru Yamaguchi.
 Born in Shibuya, Tokyo 1984, he was raised by his parents who are both fashion designers in 90s street culture. When he was working in a studio of his father, he visited NYC for the first time. He got quite shocked and decided to go to America at the age of 23. When he was an assistant of Japanese contemporary artist, MATZU, paints which was solid and peeled off caught his attention and he invented the style called “Cut and Paste”.


 His technique, that is pouring color ink into resin then drying and peeling, has intention and randomness. Although he mastered this to some extent after 5 years of trial and error, this technique sometimes brings unimaginable consequences. Using mirror, glossing resin and so on, “Cut and Paste” is progressing day by day. Under the guidance of his master and by his senses of colors acquired by precise analysis, Yamaguchi’s work becomes always unique itself.
 Not only on a canvas, but also advertisement goods and CD covers, he has created works in diverse ways. In 2014, he met a freelance fashion PR, George Inaki through his friend. Since the first day they met, their collaboration has been decided immediately. Yamaguchi made some graphics for this collaboration and it was launched as a clothe from ”George Of Grand” that is made in USA and curated by George Inaki.

 彼の作品はキャンバスのみならず広告物やCDジャケット、建物の壁など多岐に亘り、そして2014年には友人を通じてフリーランスファッションPRの稲木ジョージと出会う。初めて会ったその日にコラボレーションが決まり、このコラボレーションの為にグラフィックを製作、稲木ジョージが手がけるMade in NYCのブランド”George Of Grand”から洋服としてリリースされました。

 FIVE THIRTY PARK selected ”The City” and ”The Sign” among their collaboration. 530PARK is the only shop carrying these exclusive clothes made of the finest supima combed cotton produced in U.S.A except George Of Grand.com. It is limited in quantity so please take a look at them in shop and 530PARK WEB STORE.

 530PARKではその中から”The City”と”The Sign”をピックアップ。アメリカ産の最高級のスピーマコームドコットンを使用したアートとファッションが融合した洋服は、George Of Grandを除いて530PARKのみでの取り扱い。数に限りがございますので、この機会に是非手にとってご覧下さい。