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Jewelry style shop
for modern gentlemen.


Gifts for Valentine’s Day.

Select a gift for someone you love.



  • Jan.23.2016
  • Category: JOURNAL

Writer: Team 530PARK

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Every year on 14th February, St. Valentine's day is celebrated by the lovers in many countries. This day is derived from a memorial day of Christian saints named Valentinus who died a martyr during the period of Roman Empire in the 3rd century. To celebrate it, there are various ways and styles such as giving a present (sweets, flowers and so on) to someone you love in these days. We, 530PARK, carry a wide range of something special for St. Valentine's day.


One of the finest shirt makers, Schnayderman’s and a New York brand that creates a distinctive shape of T-shirts, SMITH&SMITH for him. And unisex jewelries from us, FIVE THIRTY PARK and sunglasses in the great variety of designs and colors, sunbuddies for her. Moreover we have some unique interiors made of natural stones.
How about getting a special present from 530PARK's selection that would be suitable for the Valentine's day this year?