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Jewelry style shop
for modern gentlemen.


ftp’s spring jewelry have arrived.

get ready for spring.


  • Mar.4.2016
  • Category: JOURNAL

Writer: Team 530PARK

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Easy does it.
No need for complicating layering and styling tricks—spring’s freshest shapes speak for themselves.Plus,white cotton shirt and FTP’s jewelry. 
Long necklace, combined a coin charm inspired by crystal and a bicolor chain, which is one of our symbol designs. Crystal Medallion Necklace made of 18K yellow and white gold, is designed for all genders and you can enjoy in any season.
With a pendant modeled out of a genuine crystal, this Crystal Pendulum Necklace in 18K gold is finished beautifully by our proud skillful artisans. Wear it to lend a sophisticated and modern accent to your coordinate.

フレッシュな白いシャツとFIVE THIRTY PARKのジュエリーを身に付けて外に出かけてみませんか?
FIVE THIRTY PARKを代表するクリスタルモチーフデザインに新作が登場。

A pendulum has been used for a dowsing method and is cherished as one of fortune telling these days. FIVE THIRTY PARK designed it in a modern way that it is modeled from a real crystal and used 18K gold. Also we have the one set with beautiful diamonds, please take a look at them in shop and WEB STORE.

FIVE THIRTY PARKではゴールドを使ったモダンなネックレスにアレンジ。ダイアモンドを使用したラグジュアリーなモデルもご用意しておりますので、ショップ・WEB STOREにて是非ご覧ください。